Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I forgive you.

I usually get really annoyed when my favorite blogs aren't updated daily. Well, at least updated on weekdays. It isn't personal. It just messes with my morning routine.

1. Get myself ready.
2. Get children ready.
3. Drop Sand at school.
4. Return home.
5. Feed dogs.
6. Start laundry.
7. Read blogs.
8. Start to work.

It must go just like this. I don't like changes in my routine. :)

But today, after not blogging for most of the week last week, I now realize that life can get in the way of blogging. (Imagine that.) I, myself, have not felt compelled to blog. Life did not get in the way. I have just been dealing with a lot of emotions this past week. I really had nothing to say that was worth your time. I'm hoping to find some good solid answers to my emotional block and move away from it as quickly as possible and pick up my blogging pace.

I know that you can't hear it, but this post really does have a very light tone to it. I tend to speak and, I guess, write very straight forward. I say what I mean and mean what I say. There's usually not a lot of extra words added in to make it sound prettier or make it more interesting. But rest assured, I'm not nearly as miserable as the above paragraph may sound. :)

All this being said, I forgive all of my favorite bloggers (you know who you are) for not posting daily. I can relate. :)

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