Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Farmer's Market Trip

My sweet Everette and I took a most interesting trip yesterday. I have been to the State Farmer's Market many times, but never like this.

We were greeted at the entrance by this great big cow. She is quite large as you can see, she takes up the entire trailer she stands in. Everette found this a little frightening and amusing at the same time. Even though she has grown up all of her 4 years of life around cattle, she is DEATHLY afraid of cows.
Our mission yesterday was to pick up apples (lots of apples) for my son's school. Little did I know that in the back of our farmer's market is a long building full of loading docks that houses a wholesale produce company. We followed the directions given to me by our Principal and found our way to door #4 and backed in. This is a little out of my area of expertise (not backing a truck, but going to such an establishment) but I made my way up to the little office right inside of bay #4. What I saw inside this building completely amazed me. I've never seen so much produce in my life. Not just veggies and fruit, but other things I couldn't imagine seeing. Hugh bags of dry peanuts were stacked half way to the ceiling. Pecans were plentiful too. I wish I had the time to really explore while I was there.

Okay, so this isn't my loading dock. I didn't get that many apples, but this is what it looks like outside. A little intimidating if you ask me.

The people were super nice and had my apples on the truck before I could pay and get back outside. They really made me feel very comfortable and like an "old pro" at wholesale produce shopping. I'd be glad to go back any day for another pick up. Everette made peace with the big cow and decided that she wouldn't mind going back too. :)

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