Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Hobby Search

Do you have a hobby? Well, once upon a time long ago, so did I. Long before there were two little people dwelling within my home, I loved to garden. I don't mean like planting a garden of vegetables. I'm still not grown up enough to handle that. :) I mean planting beds and beds of flowers. Even when I was still living in apartments, I always had big pots of flowers on my deck. But once the children starting coming all that kinda stopped. And the fact that my sweet husband has a lawn service and does this kind of thing regularly, he ended up with my hobby. No, he didn't take it - I let him have it.

So - now that part of my ADHD therapy is to find a hobby, I've started looking at things that I once did that were a total waste of time. (Not really, but that's how my brain now views anything that isn't productive with a financial gain at the end.) Working in the yard at the Lake House this weekend had me feeling like my old self. I had forgotten how nice it is to just be by yourself with your thoughts. And the fact that I was constantly moving (ADHD thing) was just an added bonus. I think I rediscovered a hobby!

Our prairie soil yard does not allow for flower beds here, so we already has an abundance of large pots and urns around. I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out all of them and getting them ready for their transformation. Of course I did a little research, because I want them to look spectacular. Just like from the pages of a magazine. In my searching I found this great website. They give you excellent examples of the different types of plants to group together for whatever exposure you're working with. Their recipes are super easy to recreate. I'm thinking of doing something like the following, which do you prefer?

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