Saturday, May 16, 2009

One of my weaknesses

I mentioned that I did the West Indies Market in Rosemary Beach, FL this past weekend. What I didn't mention is that I absolutely LOVE this show. It is the second weekend of the month, May - July. Most of us vendors sign an annual contract meaning that we keep our same spot for the entire summer. I have been involved with this show for 4 years now. I have made some really good friends and love the time we have to visit during our 2 day event. A highlight to this show is when the talented couple from Cottage Collages come. They're hit or miss. You never know if they are coming or not. Lucky for us, they came this month.
As you can see, there designs are truly unique. The prices aren't bad either. I love to browse around their area and see if there isn't something I can't live without. I found a great little piece this month, but I hadn't measured the space I need it for, so I couldn't justify bringing it home. It is still on my mind even after a week. :)

They are located just a short drive from Rosemary Beach over in Panama City Beach. I am too afraid to visit their store. Lord only knows what I'll find. I purchased a wonderful hutch from them a few years back that I use in my own little store. I smile everytime I look at it. It's a distressed grayish white. So beachy! I just love it.

I'd love to own a bench like this. They offer several different styles and sizes. I just love that the back is made from shutters, one of their trademarks. If you'd like to see more of their pieces, please visit their website here.

All photos courtesy of Cottage Collages.

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